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Funny Exchange


Do the pics above mean anything to you?

Winter Melon + Tofu = 冬瓜豆腐 (dong gua dou fu)

Well, in Cantonese, when you say someone have winter melon tofu, it means something. It means they are hurt or dead.

Example: If he has any winter melon tofu, I’m gonna hold it against you!

Meaning: If he comes to any harm or danger, I’m gonna hold it against you!

Why? Because winter melon and tofu are very soft when cooked, so they break at the slightest touch. By using winter melon and tofu, it means even the slightest harm is not tolerable.

Cantonese is a very expressive and interesting language. It is my favourite language/dialect. There are many interesting phrases which I can’t express it better in other languages that I know. It can be quite frustrating at times. Maybe I’ll post some interesting phrases whenever I come across one.

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