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Hey everybody!

I’ve started to post on new site below. If you still wish to follow me, do check the site out 😉
Thank you!!
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All these years (10yrs at least), I’ve always blogged as anonymously as I can – not because I’m a cyber bully of course. I just don’t feel comfortable enough to let the people I already know, to know even more of me. Hmmm…

But I guess I’m over that now. So tada!!! I got myself a domain registered and will be posting on the new site from next post on. (I know I don’t post regularly at all but will try harder, HA!) It will still be haphazard random stuffs…. =)

It’s my birthday next thursday, so perhaps I’ll start posting there when I turn….. to know my age, bookmark my new site and find out soon! =P

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Colour Your Life

MulticolorEngine (

This website is awesome. Pick your favourite colours and you will see the most beautiful images appearing before you…I picked the above and I LOVE IT!!

Colour your life, the way you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be dull.

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Life, are you lovin’ yours?

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