We’re well into the final and merriest month of the year! Ho Ho Ho!!

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Funny Exchange


Do the pics above mean anything to you?

Winter Melon + Tofu = 冬瓜豆腐 (dong gua dou fu)

Well, in Cantonese, when you say someone have winter melon tofu, it means something. It means they are hurt or dead.

Example: If he has any winter melon tofu, I’m gonna hold it against you!

Meaning: If he comes to any harm or danger, I’m gonna hold it against you!

Why? Because winter melon and tofu are very soft when cooked, so they break at the slightest touch. By using winter melon and tofu, it means even the slightest harm is not tolerable.

Cantonese is a very expressive and interesting language. It is my favourite language/dialect. There are many interesting phrases which I can’t express it better in other languages that I know. It can be quite frustrating at times. Maybe I’ll post some interesting phrases whenever I come across one.

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Life, are you lovin’ yours?

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Mini wanted.

I’m actually laying in bed and trying to post what I cannot remember now, because all I can think of right is how much easier it would be if I’m using an iPad Mini, instead of the iPad 2 that I am using right now. My thumbs are stretched and getting numb, so I’d better stop typing and go to bed. Gdnight! Ok, removing the cover doesn’t help much. Just gotta try. 😉

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Undeniably in denial

Sushi served on terracotta. Mmm…I’ve never enjoyed sushi that much before!

It has been an awesome feasting month thus far. Yes, I love food, but who doesn’t? Perhaps I do have a little expensive taste for food at times but I’ve been trying real hard to curb on that. At least until I have more money to blow. My most expensive meal thus far is about USD500 for 2. Fine dining. Yeah, you get fines for dining there. Ha! It was an exquisite experience, totally worth it. But very painful one too. It’s gotta be a once a year thing only because I have a few other expensive stuffs I want to blow on too!

Alright, I’ve taken some time off to sort out some stuffs in my life. It’s more like taking time off to live in denial for awhile before I snap back to reality and get tough and going again! I figured it’s about time.

I certainly hope that everything will be in place by end of September, then I’ll be all ready to play the game.

Oh oh, I am so anticipating the launch of iPhone 5 or whatever they are gonna call it. It’s gonna be soon isn’t it?!

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A month has passed already!? I’ve been wanting to post several times but just didn’t have the focus to do so. What I usually do is emailing the subject to myself, hoping that I would look back and finally post it up some day. So here’s the most recent one in my mailbox.

The Canon EOS M (

This camera is just what I want. It’s an inbetween DSLR and the compact, somewhere near the Powershot but seems better. I have yet to compare since I have no plans to buy a camera this year. But it did attract my attention with it’s brief specs and clean look. I like it! I’ll get it if I have spare budget at the end of the year. 😉

Well, I said similarly for Samsung Galaxy SIII but after some thorough comparison, I’ve snapped out of the idea of getting the inbetween and just wait PATIENTLY for iPhone 5. Why? Well, I finally got to touch and feel the blue S3 that I have been waiting for and all I felt was disappointment. It felt and look way too plastic than in the pictures advertised. The white one is too common and plain to me. So I thought, ok, HTC ONE X will be the ONE. I definitely love the feel and look of it very much. Just one more thing to find out before I swipe the card….test Android. Hmmm… I didn’t like it. Try again for a few more days. Still didn’t like it.

So, Apple, when is iPhone 5 coming out?? I’m not crazy enough to buy 4S. Many people too and you know it. The numbers already showed in your Q3 earnings! ha….better hurry!

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Take it easy!

Quick potato snack to keep me going! Mmmm…mmm…. Love it, loveit!!

It’s really easy, slice the potatoes, oil the baking tray, preheat the oven @220C and bake for 20mins…tada!!

Who doesn’t love potatoes? Chippy chip chips. =)

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