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It’s about….

TIME!! To everyone who has made their resolutions for this year, MOVE your asses and start working on them already!! Just a friendly reminder….to myself…. 😉

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Home Alone?


Most people I know can’t stand loneliness for the shortest time. I’ve often wondered why, because since young, I’ve always love and know how to enjoy and appreciate a good peaceful me-time.

What I do?

– Cook something for myself
– Karaoke session
– Read books
– Play computer games
– Watch the TV
– Watch some cheesy movies
– Go for walks
– Reminiscing good times – pictures, notes
– Good quality peaceful sleep/nap
– Internet
– Cleaning up (this one takes up alot of time if you have lots to tidy and throw!)
– Pig out on fast food deliveries!

So these are some of what I do when I’m left alone for more than 24 hours. I’d love a good week off anytime tho. 😉

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Happy 2013!!

2013 is gonna be awesome, I know it and I will make sure it will be!!

It has started out great already! I hope everyone out there will have a good year ahead of them too, make it happen! 😉

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