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Undeniably in denial

Sushi served on terracotta. Mmm…I’ve never enjoyed sushi that much before!

It has been an awesome feasting month thus far. Yes, I love food, but who doesn’t? Perhaps I do have a little expensive taste for food at times but I’ve been trying real hard to curb on that. At least until I have more money to blow. My most expensive meal thus far is about USD500 for 2. Fine dining. Yeah, you get fines for dining there. Ha! It was an exquisite experience, totally worth it. But very painful one too. It’s gotta be a once a year thing only because I have a few other expensive stuffs I want to blow on too!

Alright, I’ve taken some time off to sort out some stuffs in my life. It’s more like taking time off to live in denial for awhile before I snap back to reality and get tough and going again! I figured it’s about time.

I certainly hope that everything will be in place by end of September, then I’ll be all ready to play the game.

Oh oh, I am so anticipating the launch of iPhone 5 or whatever they are gonna call it. It’s gonna be soon isn’t it?!

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