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A month has passed already!? I’ve been wanting to post several times but just didn’t have the focus to do so. What I usually do is emailing the subject to myself, hoping that I would look back and finally post it up some day. So here’s the most recent one in my mailbox.

The Canon EOS M (

This camera is just what I want. It’s an inbetween DSLR and the compact, somewhere near the Powershot but seems better. I have yet to compare since I have no plans to buy a camera this year. But it did attract my attention with it’s brief specs and clean look. I like it! I’ll get it if I have spare budget at the end of the year. 😉

Well, I said similarly for Samsung Galaxy SIII but after some thorough comparison, I’ve snapped out of the idea of getting the inbetween and just wait PATIENTLY for iPhone 5. Why? Well, I finally got to touch and feel the blue S3 that I have been waiting for and all I felt was disappointment. It felt and look way too plastic than in the pictures advertised. The white one is too common and plain to me. So I thought, ok, HTC ONE X will be the ONE. I definitely love the feel and look of it very much. Just one more thing to find out before I swipe the card….test Android. Hmmm… I didn’t like it. Try again for a few more days. Still didn’t like it.

So, Apple, when is iPhone 5 coming out?? I’m not crazy enough to buy 4S. Many people too and you know it. The numbers already showed in your Q3 earnings! ha….better hurry!

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