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Take it easy!

Quick potato snack to keep me going! Mmmm…mmm…. Love it, loveit!!

It’s really easy, slice the potatoes, oil the baking tray, preheat the oven @220C and bake for 20mins…tada!!

Who doesn’t love potatoes? Chippy chip chips. =)

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Floral Walls

I don’t usually like floral designs but this one caught my eyes. I actually love it!!

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The bed covers and everything goes so well with each other. I can never find something of white and grey that matches so nicely and not boring at all. The little greens did the trick.

Another perfect wall paper in the apartment. I love the simplicity of the design. =)

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The fact that someone has to curse you for your failure shows their inability to outdo you, their envy and their believe that that only a curse can cause your failure. Thank them when you succeed, because all along they are the ones that truly believed in your ability to archieve success.   ~JCZZ

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Inbetween Techs

I’ve been using iPhone since 2008. From its 2G 8GB, to 2G 16GB, to 3G 16GB, to 3GS 32GB, to 4, but I didn’t get the 4S. In between I had a Samsung Jet which is cute and has good camera. I guess it’s time to get another Samsung in between my current 4 and upcoming 5, if it’s of any good.

This is the Samsung I’ve got my eyes on now. Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s the blue, yeah it’s definitely the blue that pulled me towards it. I can’t be bothered to write the specs or reviews here since we have plenty waiting to tell in google search.

I just like the looks of it. As long as it has a good camera, good touch screen, good memory for my songs, and good platform for apps, I’ll be satisfied.

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Overpriced beans.

They are lovely and it’s fun to taste the next flavour that you’ve got in your mouth, until you picked the cinnamon-flavoured ones. Yuck.

It can get quite addictive, and I’m kinda addicted to it right now. Mmm…strawberry smoothie! Well, it will stop eventually, when I finish the whole 200grams of them.

I’ve been working on my new project and will be busier in the coming months. I’ll have lots of restrictions during this period, especially on mobility. So one of these days, I’m gonna have to make a big shopping trip with my very long shopping list of food to keep me sane and happy during this long period. Hopefully it can be completed by end of this year.

I’ll still be posting of course! If I have things I want to post about, that is. =P

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