Rebuttal douche

23 May

I just have this very strong feeling to rebut everytime I think someone is being an idiot and not talking sense. It’s so hard to hold back and sometimes I just have to let it out. People get unhappy of course, especially because they were unable to rebut back. So it gives me the indication that kinda says “You’re right, asshole, but please keep it to your smartass-self. I’m happier being stupid!”

Alright, but I’m just trying to help and don’t want them to make a fool of themselves further. I really should learn how to MMOB! I guess I’m just very jealous of them always being very happy.

My brain just like to do that alot. Analyzing stuffs too friggin much and loves to be on the disagreeing side most of the time. Argh!! It’s frustrating and people won’t understand. They only know the easier way as always, which is to agree that I’m a dick. HA.

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