Power of Suggestions Makes Miracle

18 May

This is a very meaningful video. Having faith perhaps makes life easier for many people all over the world, which ever religion it is. However, when they get hopelessly dependent on it, that’s when I disagree. They are living on false hopes and denial. Sometimes I wonder if they are really happy, or do they subconsciously know that it’s all false but they just rather chose the easy way out in life. At the very end of the video, “Pastor James” had said it all. If there is God, he/she won’t need your money.

There was a ridiculous moment that happened to me once. When a friend had advised me to seek for God’s help to solve my problem. I remembered smiling and replying her that, “Nah, I don’t want to owe him any favours.” That was when I started to lose respect for this friend of mine. I know she had meant well but I was very disappointed to hear that from her. I had always thought of her as a strong and independent woman. So, I started to trace back our conversations and analysed her behaviour. How silly of me to have overlooked all the signs. She has always been a very dependent and mentally/emotionally weak person.

Since young, she didn’t have a good family that she can depend on, so she strayed and became rebellious, finding what she needs from the bad friends outside. Just like most juvenille delinquents do.

Then she found a soulmate whom she can depend on and start a perfect family that she always wanted to have. But she was betrayed. That’s when she found and devoted herself to the invisible body that will always be that to love and help her unconditionally. The invisible body will always be there for her, because even if it doesn’t, no one will know cause you can’t see. You will just think and believe it’s there forever. For you. For a small sum of money, of course.

I don’t blame them. I blame the people who manipulate the vulnerables into believing something that weakens them even more, unknowingly. I’ll be alot more glad if they just advise people to pray sincerely, no donations needed.

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