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Fab or Not?

My life is…

because I want it to be!

In the past 6 years, I have learnt very well that no one is indispensable. Life always finds its way to move on, with or without you. Do not for one second think that you are needed anywhere. It is probably just your excuse because you are too scared to move out of your comfort zone.

Many people often complain of not having the freedom to do the things they want to and can only envy those who can. What is the problem so impossible to solve that is stopping them? Find a way.

If you can’t, it only means you are not that keen to. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and don’t expect someone else to.

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Who the fuck is Alice?

I would describe her as the more emotional and less complicated Banksy. ūüėČ Teens would definitely love her work.


I love this one with the girl and dog.

More of her work can be found on her website. (

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Insight to blindness

Real blindness is caused by lack of insight. Why shut your eyes to the world when there are so much more to see?

Sir David Attenborough is my favorite broadcaster and he is definitely more than just that. I have deep admiration and respect for his knowledge, intelligence and also his accent. Heh.

After broadcasting so many documentaries…all those knowledge he has acquired….

Many people are afraid to explore¬†possibilities of¬†our existence. Afraid¬†to find out what could have been. Why be so¬†quick to say it’s impossible? Why aren’t they able to keep an¬†open mind and explore?¬†Are they shutting away¬†possibilities in fear of losing what they have been believing for¬†all their life, their faith, and most¬†of all,¬†their big fat flow of income?

When I was a kid, I love the story of how the world we live in was created by Pan Gu ( and mankind created by Nu Wa. ( They are all¬†very fascinating until I grew up and treated these stories as myths and folklore. I just don’t understand why anyone would take such stories of how the world is created by some Gods so seriously. Which ever god it is. All the same to me, except some have better publisher and made better seller world wide.

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Rebuttal douche

I just have this very strong feeling to rebut everytime I think someone is being an idiot and not talking sense. It’s so hard to hold back and sometimes I just have to let it out. People get unhappy of course, especially because they were¬†unable to rebut back. So¬†it gives me the indication that¬†kinda says “You’re right, asshole, but please keep it to your smartass-self. I’m happier being stupid!”

Alright, but I’m just trying to help and don’t want them to make a fool of themselves further. I really should learn how to MMOB! I guess I’m just very jealous of them always being very happy.

My brain just like to do that alot. Analyzing stuffs too friggin much and¬†loves¬†to be on¬†the¬†disagreeing¬†side most of the time. Argh!! It’s frustrating and people won’t¬†understand.¬†They only know the easier way as always, which is¬†to¬†agree that I’m a dick.¬†HA.

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Fight it.

I’m fighting mine, are you fighting yours?

Everyone has his/her own war in life. Sadly, many had chosen to be the POW. Of their very own war. Waiting and hoping to be saved.  In a real-time war, they can probably only wait and hope to killed and not tortured.

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This 3D painting is way too cool!

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Yesterday was the very first trading day of Facebook and it was really exciting to watch on CNBC. Everyone was just waiting for it to start..waiting and waiting..and then finally it did and system clogged. LOL. What a day! It was quite an interesting roller coaster ride and as all roller coasters do, they end back at the platform.

Facebook is incredible.

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