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I’m Lovin’it!

And this is it…

Hotcakes with Sausage and Coffee for breakfast, what more can I ask for breakfast?? I love drive-thrus, they are just so convenient and quick. And of course I love McDonalds too!

It’s gonna be a loooooong day….

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Lovin’Life at the Mo

You know your life is awesome because you have the time to write a blog and have some random stuffs to post. Well I’m not sure if mine is awesome enough but I’m definitely lovin’it at the mo!

A day out on a week day is simply lovely and even the crowd at night is less. Suddenly everything begins to look beautiful…well, people are still annoying though.

It’s so common for people to own one of those bigass cameras nowadays yet they just can’t seem to get their photograpy right. Nice sharp picture, yes, but still lacking a je ne sais quoi. Hmmm.. As far as the people I know, there is only one guy whose photography I truly salute to.  As for my own, it’s purely crap. I use a compact camera and edit my photos with photoshop to try to make them look as pro as I can. But once you enlarge them, ha, there goes my magic.

The city of lights can be mesmerizing at times…. I wonder how many people crash their cars on the ECP while looking at it…

This is one of the “artsy” light displayed in the event. Sometimes arts wow me, and sometimes just makes me sneer. Never quite understand art but love them anyway.

Creative maybe, but the whole theme makes me wonder if it’s on the 80s chinese horror films. =/

Adding a little splash of purple…

I’ll probably get myself one of those bigass camera if I can finally persuade myself to stop being lazy and that it won’t kill to carry a heavy weight around the neck.

For now, I’ll just have to make do with my lil’one.

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